Remote sensing

  • Satellite Image Ordering and Purchasing
  • Satellite images Processing
  • Image Enhancement, Mosaic and Interpretation
  • Image classification
  • Pan-Sharpening
  • Ortho-rectification
  • Digital Elevation Mode or Digital surface model
  • Color-Balance and  Seam less Mosaic

The Remote Sensing group offers wide range of services using remotes sensing and GIS techniques aided with extensive fieldwork (if required). Different service areas include:


Telecom Sector: The group has experience in creation of clutter data for telecom network planning using satellite images at various resolutions ranging from 0.5m to as coarse as 250m. The group also provides data in form of digital city models containing information on the height of the buildings and type of land-use/land-cover using single high-resolution images for line of sight studies and micro-cellular network planning. The group has experience of mapping countries like the US, Nigeria, Australia, Africa, South America, Canada, for some telecom giant company.


We have also experienced in creating 3-D, Digital City Models.  The group has created DCM’s of several cities across world.


Agriculture: Different crops are mapped using hybrid classification techniques using NDVI slicing and spectral signatures collected during GPS aided field surveys. Crop acreage and production estimation is done to assist the exporters to plan their pricing and quantity of exports. Group members have experience in mapping the crops like paddy, basmati rice, wheat, sugarcane, Soyabean, cotton and tea using different types of satellite data like LISS IV, LISS III, Radarsat, AWiFS, WiFS, MODIS and NOAA.


Forestry: Group also offers services in the mapping and change detection studies of forest cover. Knowledge based classification techniques are used to carryout species level forest classification and mapping of natural resources like bamboo and rattan. NDVI, LAI and GPS aided limited field survey are used to carry out studies like carbon sequestration, carbon emission and wood stock assessment of forest clumps.


Group has experienced to extract the classes of coniferous-, deciduous- and mixed forests using Ikonos multi-spectral images.


Insurance Sector: The remote sensing group also offers services in the field of agriculture and in property insurance.


Crop health monitoring and crop stress assessment is done on regular basis using multi-temporal satellite images and different relevant information is deduced on scientific basis to assist insurance companies to pay out compensation to the insured.


Geo Pixel done a study wherein NDVI values Research studies like relation ship between NDVI Vs Biomass Vs Yield.


The property insurance clients in the coastal countries require data in form of Surface roughness to model the vulnerability of property to natural hazards like cyclones and hurricanes and fix the premium to be charged. Geo Pixel offers services in this field also and creates tailor made data depending upon the client’s requirement.


Value Added Services: Geo Pixel successfully completed several millions of square kilometers area of generation of seamless ortho rectification of high resolution satellite images



Geology and Related Mapping: we also offers services in the field of geology and geomorphology. Lithology, structure, lineaments, geomorphology, hydro-geomorphology and other related maps are prepared using remote sensing techniques & coupled with limited geological survey. 



Pervious and Impervious Layer Mapping:

Geo Pixel has successfully completed several projects which required mapping of Pervious and Impervious layers using high resolution satellite images. Several in-house developed algorithm and set of processes are used to reduce the manual processing efforts. This data set is generally used as one of the inputs for Surface Run-off Modeling.


Consultancy Services:

Geo Pixel has several team members who have worked on several projects related to livelihood and sustainable development. We provides consultancy services in livelihood development and related fields based on the local natural, physical and social infrastructure.


Geographical Information System (GIS)

  • Different Data sets capturing from Toposheets/Satellite images
  • Data conversion
  • Parcel/Cadastral/Contour digitization
  • Utility Mapping




  • Input images preparation and Block set-up
  • Generation of Tie points
  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Panimetric and Topographic feature capturing in 3D environment
  • Digital Terrain Model, Digital Surface model
  • 3D City Model



  • Lidar Data Calibration
  • Data Processing
  • Data Classification of different features and bare earth
  • Power line classification
  • Bare earth surface creation

Bare Earth Classifications: Geo Pixel has performed projects related to classification of Bare Earth and Above Ground Features such as low vegetation, high vegetation, buildings and bridges. We have successfully executed several projects related to power line classification projects requiring the capture of features such as the power lines themselves for sag analysis and the associated features like, pylons, poles, substations etc.


Bare Earth Classification with Breaklines and Hydro Lines: The LiDAR data can be enhanced for the generation of accurate contours by using Breaklines and Hydro Lines. These can be digitized within the dataset using tools available in Terrascan / Terramodeler. Breaklines are necessary to create dataset which are hydrological correct or to fill any other gross errors in the LiDAR data.



Mobile & Terrestrial LiDAR: Geo Pixel executed collection of Lidar data using Mobile & Terrestrial Lidar and also processed the data.



  • DGPS – points collection
  • Topographic features capturing
  • Total stations
  • Mobile/ Terrestrial Lidar